Online psychometric training with a difference

Welcome to, the online Wing of PsyAsia International. We are a Psychological Assessment and Training Consultancy with global clients, based in Singapore and Hong Kong since 2002. Our director is a UK and Australia trained multi-award-winning Chartered Psychologist and Chartered Scientist with a PhD in Psychology (through Psychometrics) and Masters Degrees in Organisational Psychology and Clinical Neuropsychology. He has been teaching for the BPS Psychometric Testing qualifications qualifications since the late 1990s. In 2008, PsyAsia International made our BPS Level A & B course available online and then in 2015, we released the updated, second iteration, BPS Level 1 & 2, and Supported Mode of the course. We are therefore highly experienced in online training for this course and know what works and what does not - and, importantly, our online course is not a transfer of a face-to-face course to a Zoom-like platform.

Our Express Online Supported Mode training for BPS Level 1 & 2 offers the same syllabus as our regular face-to-face and online training, with the benefit of covering all training over 6 days. Students attend professionally recorded presentations (no noisy children or dogs in the background!) at the time set in the timetable available in our event app - with a direct link to the video. Dr Tyler will be available for the entire duration of every training day. Students can ask questions in the app as the presentations progress and these questions will be added by our psychologist for discussion at the multiple Live Webinars scheduled throughout each day. 

To be arranged. Please contact us.
We recommend registering at least 4 weeks prior to course start date. 

  • Able to understand spoken and written English and to communicate verbally in English.
  • Computer with stable internet connection.
  • Available for the full 6 days of training (no other commitments) and able to complete follow-up assessments within 1 month of end of course.
  • Motivation to learn about psychometrics at work, not just looking to gain a certificate! This is an intensive professional course and requires active commitment and determination.
  • This course is not suitable for those who are unable to be fully committed to the course for the pre-course work and for the 6 training days, or for those who have difficulty managing assignments set to them. Please do not register for the course if you are unable to commit to this requirement 😊.

To view the course syllabus, kindly view each Level of the course as follows:

Also note that we will send you some pre-course work comprising approximately one hour of reading and three hours of videos one week prior to the course. Do please ensure that you set aside either 4-5 hours in a block, or perhaps an hour per day for this in the week leading up to the course.

Students will be given access to our regular online learning centre (same as that used by top Universities) where they can watch all course videos on demand and access all other training materials and assessment instructions. Additionally, our Meeting App gives students easy access to the course presentations along with the timetable. Inside of the App, students can ask questions at any point, connect with other students and receive course updates as push notifications from PsyAsia International.

One of the issues faced during COVID was that training providers moved courses to Zoom and similar applications. Zoom sound quality is not optimal, and worse still there may be lagging and background noise. Our training presentations are professionally recorded with studio quality sound and video, and our video streaming optimizes delivery for your network speed. Students therefore study in peace and are more engaged in quality educational content. After the main learning in a few Units, we meet in a modern webinar application for live Q&A and discussion - and even breakout into small virtual groups to undertake practicals and more fine tuned discussion. This way, we limit "Zoom-fatigue", optimise the learning phase and yet enable interaction and safe practice of new skills with direct feedback from the psychologist-facilitator.

Students are given access to our event website and app before the course starts. All course timings display there in your local time. Until then, you may check the start time in your locality here. Course days last between 6.5 to 8.5 hours and have short refreshment breaks as well as a one hour meal break each day.

We schedule breaks throughout the training as well as a one hour break half way through each day.

Also please note that, following the course, students are given a portfolio of work to complete for assessment and have one month to do so.

Do kindly ensure that you are available for all 6 days of the course if you wish to register for the Express Online Course. This is important to ensure that you do not fall behind, and that you do not inconvenience other students whom you may have been grouped with to work on tasks. If you do encounter unforeseen difficulties once the course has started, we will move you to our Independent Mode of Learning (there will be no additional fee or refund). You will then have 90 days to complete each Level of the course, but no support will be available.

Please visit the course registration page to view currently available tickets/fees. We look forward to welcoming you to our innovative and immersive psychometric assessment at work online training course.

What our grads say

“Very clear teaching from Dr Graham Tyler. Helped me to understand the process of psychometric assessments as compared to previous learning. Clear feedback and constructive comments provided enhanced my learning.”

Gifford Chan
Senior Clinical Psychologist
MINDEF (Singapore)

“Well structured course run by truly competent Dr. Graham Tyler!”

Defence Psychologist

“Lecturer was very detailed and professional in conducting the training! Besides providing comprehensive content, there were practical sessions and discussions to stimulate in-depth thinking. Very useful course indeed!”

Tay Say Hoon
Fleet Psychologist

“Appreciate the rigour and high standards set by the course and assessor, which is important to ensure effective knowledge transfer and application.”

Aaron Chan
Civil Servant
MINDEF (Singapore)

“Course was well structured to develop competent standards for assessment and interpretation.”

Tay Hwei Chin
MINDEF (Singapore)

“The course was indeed an eye opener for me. There’s so much to learn and I must add that Dr. Graham is indeed excellent. He is very concerned and helpful, ensuring high standards of understanding, even if he has to spend extra time and effort. Indeed, fortunate to have attended.”

Madhu Sharma
Independent Consultant & Trainer

“Simply impressive! You made a difficult subject-matter easy to understand!. “

Lin S Natividad
Sr. HR Officer
Private Company (Philippines)

“Intensive and Graham did his level best to make complex things reachable and understandable.”

David E White
Managing Partner
White & White Associates Ltd. (Mauritius)

“Comprehensive subject matter covered in a professional manner, whilst at the same time made as enjoyable as possible when covering topics that I found at times, complex.”

Cogmed Coordinator
Blurton FDC (Hong Kong)

“One of those rare courses I have attended which adds a lot of value on the subject.”

Sonal Satelkar
Program Head
Kohinoor College of Paramedical Sciences (India)

“The training is very comprehensive and covers in depth area.”

Raja Nor Dianna
Asst. Vice President
Khazanah Nasional Berhad (Malaysia)

“The course will surely help those personnel who are involved in the selection process as well as those staff who would like to determine potential of individuals for developmental purposes.”

Junby Layaoen
Senior Supervisor Qatari Development
ORYX GTL Ltd. (Qatar)

“Very useful for understanding about the essence of psychometric assessment and gaining competence in assessing psychometric tools.”

Winnie Lee
Counselling Specialist
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

“The course was well orchestrated by Dr. Graham Tyler.”

DISHA Unique Psychological Consultancy (India)

“A very intensive but insightful course …”

Sarah Kwok
Strategic Resourcing & Development Manager
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited (Hong Kong)

“Graham is a clear and knowledgeable instructor. The course is well planned and delivered.”

Project Manager
Save the Children Singapore

“This course was conducted at very high standards. The expectations from the delegates are high, but the instructor displayed the same high level of professionalism.”

Koh Chee Siang
Defence Psychologist
MINDEF (Singapore)

“Finally understood how the different reliability and validity coefficients provide support to the effectiveness of psychometric tests.”

Singapore Armed Forces

“Demanding, yet beneficial to work and understanding of psychometric assessment.”

Goh Kang Wei
Defence Psychologist
MINDEF (Singapore)

“I think Dr. Graham Tyler is a fantastic tutor who made the course worth attending.”

Mala S.
Insync Counselling Services (Singapore)

“I felt entirely relaxed, as a result I was able to ask lots of questions to further my understanding. The teaching was very clear!”

Nadia Nembhard-Hunt
Exceptional Learner Teacher
NIST International School (Thailand)

“Very beneficial for my work. Trainer is great. Thanks.”

Psychological Researcher
Ministry of Education (Singapore)

“This inspired me through a lot of discussions on top of the very informative course content.”

Monica Tang
Training Officer
Wharf T&T (Hong Kong)

Why did you undertake our BPS Level 1 & 2 Online Psychometrics Course?

What was your overall experience of the Online Psychometrics Course?

Have you received your RQTU certificate from the British Psychological Society? Have you been able to use what you learned on the psychometrics course at work?

“I would like to express my sincere gratitude for all the knowledge you have shared with us. Your passion in psychometrics was passed into us everyday whenever we entered that room. I really enjoyed the course and if I managed to get through the BPS requirements I know where I’m heading next. I found that little spark which I was looking for. You are a very inspiring trainer…”

“I must add that I’ve enjoyed the course and learnt a lot from you.”

“Many thanks for a great showing and educational outing these last two weeks – I have learned much from your tutelage”

“…and thanks for last week. It was a great course.”

“First, I would express my thanks to your effective & efficient lecture – the most impressive one in my life – and patience on my work…”

“…and thank you for the terrific three days. I have learned so much from you.”

“Appreciate your clear and succinct teaching methods! The last 3 days have been great learning days and am looking forward to Level B.”

“Thank you for everything, I personally have learnt much. Great Job!!”

“First of all, I’d like to thank you for the exam results and for an excellent course last week. I found it very informative and stimulating and I can’t recall learning so much on a training course before – or realizing how much I still have to learn.”

“Thanks, Graham for the excellent course. We already start to think about level B…”

“Thanks Dr. Tyler for making great effort in maintaining the professional standards. We appreciate it very much!!! Such strictness then was transformed into our confidence when we talk in front of the clients. ”

“I wanted to thank you for all the time and effort that you have taken to drill psychometrics into my head! Must have been hard and frustrating but I promise you did a great job!”

“This has been a huge learning experience and the course would not have been the same if not for you.I have learnt a great deal from you and I really hope that I can practice what I have learnt.”

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